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How Project Nova is Different

The mission of Project Nova is to light every home in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with a solar lightbulb. So, how can your single donation make that happen? That’s exactly what makes our process different from other nonprofits you may have donated to in the past.


1:1 Donations

All around our website you’ll see “Purchase a Light” and that’s what our individual donation model is based on. When you buy a lightbulb, it helps fill a shipping container that, once full, will head out towards the DRC. Once the container arrives, our partners The Mbenga Foundation, work with their teams of volunteers to distribute and educate their citizens on how solar lightbulbs work and how to safely install them in their homes.


Solar lightbulbs are a source of clean, inexpensive, renewable energy that lasts up to eight hours per charge. With Project Nova, you know that your donation goes directly to installing a light someone’s home.


With every bulb installed, a family can live a safer life through the power of solar energy. Learn more on our Impact page and purchase a lightbulb on our website.


Stay Engaged

As we begin filling our next container to the DRC, you can follow along here and on our social media. We’ll share progress of each shipment as it makes its journey to the DRC and as they are distributed across the country.


As we start our second year as a nonprofit, we hope to make an impact around the country and share it with you.


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