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Welcome to The Bright Side

Welcome to Project Nova’s new blog – The Bright Side. If you’ve just met us, we wanted to give you a better understanding of why we started this organization and what our mission hopes to accomplish.


Project Nova’s Mission

“Project Nova provides solar light bulbs to villages without electricity in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Each solar light bulb provides 8 hours of light on a full charge and serves villages that lack infrastructure for electricity, enabling nighttime education, increased security, and a more comfortable home for impoverished families.”


Many of us know how jarring it can be to lose power or access to any basic utility – like water or air conditioning, but not having it in the first place is an adjustment that few Americans could fathom. When we think of all we are able to create and accomplish because we can be in our homes at night and have electricity, we have to imagine what the opposite would be like. That is why we aim to improve the quality of life, not change it for the communities that receive lightbulbs.


The Democratic Republic of the Congo became our focus country because of a trip taken in 2019 by founders and board members of what was to become Project Nova. This trip spurred the idea that there must be a sustainable solution that will impact every member of a household.  

As we navigated our first year as a nonprofit, we have collected stories and captured glimpses of the people who have interacted with Project Nova and our partner organization, The Mbenga Foundation. We can’t wait to share them with you here on our website and in our quarterly newsletter